Samsung Galaxy Avant

T Mobile launches Samsung Galaxy Avant – a new and affordable device

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T Mobile launches Samsung Galaxy Avant, a new low-end KitKat mobile device at an affordable price. The Android world presents different tiers of device and prices and this little Samsung device is proof for the lower end of the price spectrum. The device has an off-contract price of $219 that can be paid as $9 a month for a two-year Jump contract.

The phone has rounded edges similar to S3 and S4, and it replaces the capacitive button with a Recents button. The screen has a 4.5” length and presents a 960x540p resolution with a typical AMOLED construction. Under the chassis the phone hides a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage adorned with a MicroSD slot. The main camera has a 5 MP sensor but the front camera is much weaker, having a sensor the likes of 1 MP or lower. The device has a LTE radio as well and a FM radio.

Galaxy Avant launches with KitKat and some TouchWiz features. It is available starting today in T Mobile stores and on the carrier’s website. 

Source: T Mobile

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