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T Mobile compromises on prices and gives discount family plan with 10 GB LTE data for $100 starting July 30th

T Mobile is working on giving its customers more affordable Family Plans and it discounted it by providing 10 GB of LTE data every month for $100 starting today! The move comes as a compromise T Mobile is willing to make in order to win AT&T’s and other carriers’ customers with cheaper family plans.

Starting July 30th and until September, customers consisting of families of four for example get around 10GB of data per month for only $100. New customers will get these prices until around 2016. Until now, T Mobile offered 1GB of data at this price for each line but now it is bumped to 2.5 GB of LTE data for each of the four lines, making the discount at around $30 a month.

Customers can bring their own device and not sing a new contract in order to reduce the monthly fees and these rates can be increased if customers decide to pay their subsidized devices faster. The upside is that you get the same T Mobile services for much less than usual, even if the carrier’s coverage in less populated areas is much below the competition. Either way, if you decide to go with the new offer, make sure to calculate all your costs before signing the contract!

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