Sunshine bootloader unlock tool supports Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra, Max and other 4.4.4 Motorola devices


Sunshine bootloader unlock tool is now available for other Motorola devices, not only the Moto X we talked about in a previous article. Many users choose to tinker and bake their Android device by using the most stable software on the market.

Carriers and hardware manufacturers can try to lock their devices but they will not be able to stop the avalanche of hackers and modders out there whose constant work relies on finding solutions for free and user-friendly devices. Most Motorola owners have been waiting for reliable methods for unlocking their bootloaders and Sunshine just put a stop on the wait.

The unlock tool now offers support to Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra, Max and other 4.4.4 Motorola devices out there. All carrier-specific Moto Gs are now supported by the tool and even some Motorola 2013 devices can be unlocked as long as they already run on Android 4.4.3 or above.

The most secure way of finding out if your device is supported is to install Sunshine apk, and it will check for support by itself. If your device is supported and you can  unlock your device, you will be charged $25 USD!

Source: XDA


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