Stealth 360 Android Wear Watch Face – make your Moto 360 shine elegantly in the dark

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Stealth 360 Android Wear Watch Face is a new little app that makes your high-tech wearable resemble a Tron machine. The app lets your device turn into a futuristic clock with a little bit more restraint than a regular Sci-Fi. It basically resembles an Alienware or Razer device you wear on your hand!

It has various markers and chic clock hands that change its appearance, but it remains a regular watch with an easy to understand layout. Your options are blue and red hue for the markers and second hands so that you can see what time it is in all situations.

Stealth360 can be found on Google Play Store at the price of $1 USD and it works best for round watches, being perfect for the black Moto 360 variant in particular. The great part is it can be installed and used on any Android Wear device.

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