Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 receives update to Android 4.4.4


Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally receiving its update to Android 4.4.4. Samsung said all the way back two months ago that its Sprint version will be getting the update soon, but sadly that didn’t happen. Maybe there was a problem with a bug, or the update had issues that needed further work and testing. The truth will never be known.


What we do know is that Sprint S5’s are getting the OTA starting today and that Samsung is working on updating its devices to Android 5.0. T Mobile’s and AT&T’s S5 versions are waiting in limbo for their Lollipop release as well, and it is bound to come soon, because the OS has been around (albeit in pre-release form) since this summer.


Below you can see the actual changelog for the update:

  • Google security patches
  • International WiFi calling support
  • HD Voice icon
  • Android 4.4.4.


If you own a Sprint Galaxy S5, this update should be coming to your phone in the following days.


Source: Sprint

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