Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S4 receives OTA update – HD Voice icon and security fix included

Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint is finally getting an update with minor enhancements. Sprint’s version of S4 is getting an over-the-air OTA software update with the version number L720VPUFNG2 and it offers minor improvements such as a HD Voice icon and some security fixes.

You don’t have to abuse that update button as it will roll out pretty soon by itself. The HD Voice icon is a representation of the service which increases the sounding speech in a clearer manner even if it works only when both users have the service on their devices. The most important devices that have this service are iPhones and Samsung devices, which means that the feature affects more people than you think!

It is an update people will not be eager to implement; therefore a few days of waiting will not kill anyone. It may take a few days to receive the update, and most will not care that much about it anyway. 

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