Sony’s The Interview available for sale or rent on Youtube and Google Play Movies

The world’s most perfect 10/10 movie – according to IMDB – The Interview managed to get past all the Sony chopping by allegedly North-Korean hackers and now it laughs in their faces by releasing on Youtube and Google Play! Don’t expect to see the world’s best movie for free though, as, because you won’t be seeing it in any theater (except the few courageous bunch in the US), you have to pay for it in digital form.

It appears that The Interview is available on Youtube Movies and Google Play Movies and if you want to own the HD copy you will have to pay $14.99 or you can rent it for $5.99. You can also purchase the movie in Microsoft Xbox Video, but you will not find it on iTunes.

The Interview is a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen who become pawns in a CIA plot to kill the current North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. They are basically a celebrity tabloid show duo who get to interview a surprise fan, none other than Kim Jong Un and this is when they are recruited by the CIA to assassinate the dictator during their meeting.


The Interview


The FBI says that Sony being hacked was most definitely a move coming from the North-Korean government itself but most digital security experts say a conclusive answer cannot be given at this point. North-Korean officials deny the accusations and publically threaten with “grave consequences” if the US does not temper its words and assist in proving that the move was not the socialist states’ doing.



Sony Pictures has been threatened and most of its private files have been made public leading to public humiliation and it appears that the hacking move has interfered with existing projects and employees who may sue the company because their personal information has been leaked and is now compromised. Some hackers demanded that the movie be completely deleted while others asked for it to be edited in order to be released.

The difficult situation Sony is in has managed to create a wave of buzz around The Interview and the consequence is the release of the movie in cyber-form on popular streaming portals. Could this mean the future for all movies?

You can get The Interview on Google Play Movies here or on Youtube here.


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