Sony’s new ad campain for Xperia Z3 hits the spot!

Sony releases a new ad campaign for its Xperia Z3 devices, and it seems to look pretty good so far! The new Z3 already has 8 videos on Sony’s official Xperia Youtube channel, some being the same video edited in order to accentuate various features while others show a different side of the smartphone.

It appears that Sony hit the jackpot and released one of the best smartphone commercials on the market right now. The product is seen as a hero in a well-balanced ad where the world is the only limit. Check it out below!

The other seven ads show a videographer taking advantage of all the Sony devices in his daily life by accentuating the Sony Lifestyle. Some shots are rather confusing (like the one where a phone is placed in a lake!!!!) or strange altogether (people in LED suits snowboarding at night) but they probably try to underline that Sony really gets artists.

The visual style is on point as Sony always makes use of vibrant colors, but keep in mind that the footage is not filmed with an actual Xperia Z3.

Source: Sony Xperia YouTube channel

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