Sony to release e-paper watch – a minimalist wearable with no smart features


Sony recently reported it is thinking of creating a watch made entirely of e-paper where the watch face and the band would change as the user moves his wrist. At first it sounded sooo much more different than what we already have on the market, but it seems that such a watch already exists on the market… or close to the market anyway.




The FES watch is already close to reality and it appears that Sony was behind Fashion Entertainments because it is one of its subdivisions. The watch is very thin and it is in no case smart, but its strong face is the flexibility of its appearance and minimalism.  The clock does not have any sophisticated electronics which could take up space and energy, which means it is said to last over 60 days on a single battery.





FES watch is just one of Sony’s new prototypes that make use of e-paper, an unconventional material in the case of electronics and wearables. Sony is also looking into creating bow-ties, shoe and hat accessories and paper holders from the same material.


The FES watch doesn’t have a release date yet but it appears that supporters from the crowdfunding site Makuake have been told that their e-paper watches will be released as soon as May 2015.


Source: Verge

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