Snowball – the little free app that keeps all of your social media messages together!


Snowball is the newest addition to the panoply of social media apps that keep things together for you and only you! The app is guided by the idea of unifying messaging apps that float above the rest of Android on your screen. It even throws in a pretty mascot!

Snowball is usually hidden on a side of your screen but you can see some slide-out circles you can interact with at your leisure when the time comes. When a compatible app gets a new chat notification, a circle pops out and the little snowman mascot will wave at you and try to get your attention. When you tap the pretty face you will open a window on top of everything you are doing and you will see the latest messages you got.

At the moment, Snowball supports Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, line, WeChat, Slack and Twitter and SMS apps.


The thing is when you tap on the Snowball face you will actually open the appropriate app because Snowball does not reply from its own window. It is basically secondary notification software that organizes your social media apps. 

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