Snapchat launches Snapcash feature – send money as easy as you send selfies!


Snapchat is branching out and offering a new service named Snapcash. Next time you want to surprise your friends with a photo, you may want to offer them some money too? That’s not exactly what Snapcash does, but it’s pretty close. The feature makes sending money just as easy as sending a photo. You can watch it below in a weird and inconclusive short film.

In order to make the feature work, you will have to enter your debit card information on Snapchat and it will be saved by Square, which makes it all the more secure.  When the time comes and you want to send some money, all you have to do is open chat and enter a dollar sign followed by the amount you want to send. When you send the message, your dollars will run from your account to the sender’s too.



Snapcash is available for users over 18 years old with a debit card who reside in the US.

Source: Snapchat Blog


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