Smartband Talk SWR30 gets new companion app plus four brand new extensions on Google Playstore

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If you were looking for some new Sony smartband apps, you’re in luck as the Google Playstore has just been flooded with a few free applications. Smartband Talk SWR30 got a new activity tracker today and it appears to come equipped with a small e-ink display.

The smartband is a revamp of last year’s SWR10 version; it will hit stores next month, on November 10th, and it can already be pre-ordered from Amazon, among other retailer sites. The device will be available in white and black and has a cost of $169.99 with free shipping in the US.

The store just got a new app and four extensions today, all destined for the smartband, and in order to use them, you will have to install them and look for the extensions inside the official companion app in order to fully use the app itself. The core companion app is named Smartband Talk SWR30 and it will allow you to connect the tracker to your smartphone and determine logged and unlogged activities. The app is optimized for Xperia devices, where you’ll have plenty to pick from, but it is not exclusive.


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The Voice Note Smart extension lets users record voice notes using the smartband from Sony and it can save them locally or on an Evernote account.


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The World Clock Smart extension shows you the time in any city around the world, which makes it a pretty simple addition.


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Smart Badge extension will let you manage your profile card where you will be able to choose an illustration to associate with your account. You can also add other information you want to provide on your account.


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The Smart Control extension lets your Sony Smartband toggle your phone’s WiFi or radio, but it can also detect handset battery level, switch audio modes and activate the speaker.


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