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Sleep Cycle alarm clock ported to Android – get better sleep and a gentler alarm every morning

Sleep Cycle alarm clock was recently ported to Android devices and now your sleep will be sweeter and you will wake up much easier. Or so its creators say! This app is being considerate with its users because it monitors their sleep attempts to wake them up when their sleep is in its lightest phase. The app starts to function 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off and reduces the chances of using the snooze button.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock, source Google Playstore
Sleep Cycle alarm clock, source Google Playstore

Sleep cycle alarm clock is one of the most popular iOS apps around and it is considered an intelligent clock app. The app offers detailed sleep statistics for every night and has 15 selected melodies that act as alarms or you can use your own songs if you like them more. The snooze button is activated by shaking or tapping the phone lightly.

The user can customize his wake up window by a range of 90 minutes. The sleep analysis continues in the background after the user has set his Sleep Cycle. The app allows users to see if the events they do all day long affect their sleep cycles and they can check their long time sleep pattern to adjust them in order to get better sleep.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock can be found on Google Playstore at the Health and Fitness section at the price of $1.99.

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