Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks again! Samsung’s flagship is seen with its S6 Edge device in new photos

As the real unveil at MWC is coming closer and closer, so do leaks of this year’s flagships, including Samsung Galaxy S6. New photos emerge where we can clearly see the S6 next to a S6 Edge device so that we can compare and even maybe choose the flatness or the curviness Samsung has to offer.


Galaxy S6 Edge


A XDA member just posted two screenshots of images with the two devices where you can see the front and the back of Samsung’s flagships. The devices appear to be similar, S6 Edge looking a bit svelter because of its curved screen. You will get the physical home button on both devices, of course, and there may be an improved fingerprint reader thrown in the mix. You can also see the camera bump on both models, which could mean a bigger sensor than what you experienced with S5.


Samsung Galaxy S6




You can, of course, see the branded Samsung icons on both screens, which means we will be getting a TouchWiz interface, hopefully with less bloatware than the previous models.

Source: AndroidPolice

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