Samsung Galaxy Alpha receives TWRP support


Samsung Galaxy Alpha is finally receiving Team Win Recovery Project support. Even if the device is not Samsung’s most powerful phone out there, it is not the worst device out there either, and it even has that metallic case that everyone was waiting for.

The phone design attracted some customers who don’t really love Samsung’s custom UI TouchWiz, and soon those lucky few will even be able to flash ROMs as much as they want because Team Win Recovery is backing up the Alpha and releasing a recovery for it.

TWRP will not customize your device, but it will be necessary to give that thorough checkup under the hood. With this recovery, you will be able to create backups of your device that can save you and your phone down the road as you go on and experiment with modding. It can also files and need we say more about custom ROMs?

In order to find out more about TWRP and how to install it on Samsung galaxy Alpha, head down to our source link.

Source: TeamWin

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