Robert Downey Jr and HTC band together for HTC One M9 promo virals

Robert Downey Jr and HTC are in cahoots again and this time it’s all about the colors of technology and comedy. The Iron Man himself starred in 10 short creatives meant to promote the new One M9 and his charisma and ability to entertain ooze from each of the few-seconds-long videos.




In these briefs, color is the unifying medium in which Downey Jr and a few accomplices go through some incredible adventures filled with artistic references. In one short Downey Jr and Brian Schaeffer plug a grenade into a light socket while in another they fight on who is the dominant bunny. The perpetual tagline seems to be “HTC. One Life. Make it Count”. And it is accompanied by other phrases meant to highlight different HTC features. You can see them all below.


Source: HTC

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