Project ARA to use modified Android L version allowing hot-swapping modules on the go

Project ARA is making progress and its next step seems to be using a modified version of Android L which supports hot-swapping all modules except for the Screen and CPU ones. Google is trying to make the impossible possible and does not give its LEGO smartphone project go away. New details were released recently by project head Paul Eremenko who says the module can be taken apart while it is active.

Project ARA is, in essence, the perfect phone made out of modules you can add or replace as you want. Those who want a better camera, a better screen or more storage space and add better modules can give up other modules which represent features they don’t usually need.

Eremenko says that Ara will function on a modified Android L version which enables modular hardware to be used and interchanged. The device should allow module swapping while the phone is running – only the CPU and screen cannot be exchanged in this instance. RAM can’t be changed all at once and the main storage will not be able to be swapped while the device is running either.

In order to make project Ara reality, Google is working with Linaro, an open source engineering firm, to design the Android version needed by the device. It appears that modules will be sold in online stores where customers will be able to create the phone they want as they go. The first working version of the Ara device could be shown in December, at a dev conference, and the product may become viable on the market in 2015.

Source: Phonebloks

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