Paranoid Android Peek Notifications app available for all ROMs

May 6, 2014 | Apps

Paranoid Android spikes its custom ROM with interesting and useful features, but what happens when such a feature can be used by everyone else? A computer science student managed to port Peek Notifications to almost all Android 4.4 devices.

What is Peek Notifications you ask? It is a feature that lets users peek at the notifications they got on their smartphones without having to unlock their device. It uses the proximity sensor or the gyroscope to determine if the user touched the device in order to show the notification or leave it off.

The app works without rooting and is available for stock OEM ROMs as well, even if the result is a bit inconsequent in results. For some users it works, for others it doesn’t. The app needs administrator access to lock the screen and view the notifications as well. The permissions have to be disabled before the user tries to uninstall it or it will not be uninstalled.

You can find it HERE if you want to give it a shot.

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