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Motorola promotion: discounts on devices starting February 2nd

Motorola will soon offer a deal you cannot refuse. Starting February 2nd, if you want to buy someone you love a nice present in the shape of a Moto X or, say, Moto 360,  you will get  a nice discount on the sale price.     In order to get the deal, you have to sign up...

Dell announces Venue 10 tablets destined for educational greatness

Dell announced a new tablet focused on education today. Venue 10 is part of an education-oriented product system running on Lollipop Android. The device will also have a Windows 8.1 “twin” and they will both debut this spring. The devices will probably not be...

Blu Life Pure XL – a mid-range smartphone at an affordable tech build

Blu launches a new mid-range device that doesn’t cost that much but has one of the best tech build on the market. Life Pure XL is a fairly cheap phone with great specs including a 16 MP rear camera and a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 8000 quad-core processor. Its display is not...

[Deal of the day] Motorola goes $40 off of Moto G LTE 1st gen today only!

Motorola is offering a great deal today and it’s giving you a $40 off deal of the Moto G price, lowering it to $159.99. We’re talking about the first gen Moto G of course, but it’s still packing LTE.     The device is a little smaller than the 2014 version with its...

WeakSauce 2: The Habanero Revenge update – easy rooting for Verizon devices

  The root tool WeakSauce launched in March is receiving an update for Android 4.4.4, and it can now root HTC One M7, One M8, Droid DNA and others. The new update will root almost all HTC devices on Verizon that run on Android 4.4.4 and lower.   The update is named...

T Mobile: New England and Las Vegas MetroPCS units shut down on July 1st

T Mobile is letting CDMA Metro PCS users that some will be shut down soon. The network in Las Vegas and New England will shut down on July 1st and users should take action before they remain without a mobile provider. A new network will require a new device as well...

ASUS releases firmware for KitKat updates directed at Padfone Infinity and Fonepad Note 6

ASUS finally releases Android KitKat firmware for the Fonepad Note 6 and Padfone Infinity. The new kid on the block Android L is on the way, but most devices still haven’t seen the light of KitKat yet. After a long wait with Android 4.1, Padfone Infinity and Fonepad...

Android 5.1 update causes frequent Nexus 5 camera crash issues

It appears that the Android 5.1 update is not as good and bug-repelling for everyone as more Nexus 5 users discovered frequent camera crashes recently. It appears that, ever since the 5.1 update, activating the camera on a Nexus 5 has become a chore that ends in a...
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