Ouya reportedly in talks of acquisition with US and Chinese companies

Ouya seems to have hit rock bottom even after a decent release of the first low-cost Android console out there. It got a big start a few years ago when it managed to raise more than $8 million on Kickstarter, but its slow results and less than stellar overall impression hurt it more than it helped. It appears that now, Recode is trying to sell its Ouya plans to any US or Chinese company out there.

Apparently, Ouya feels that cashing out is better than trying to lure more developers in order to continue its journey, even after it tried and found solutions such as free-to-try requirements for games. It appears that Ouya is trying to seal the deal with Google or Amazon in the US or with Xiaomi or Tencent in China. It seems that the Chinese deals would be much more realistic as Xiaomi already agreed to include the Ouya software with its smart TVs. The Android system would bring millions on the Chinese market, where a lack of reliance on Google products is expected.

Talks are still in early stages though, and more information is to be expected. Ouya has not added anything regarding Google’s and Amazon’s gaming offers.

Source: Recode

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