OnePlus One gets update to CyanogenMod 11S and a much friendlier sale plan every Tuesday

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EDIT: you can now download the ZIP file from the safe link HERE!


OnePlus One is getting a lot of buzz today. The device is receiving an OTA to CyanogenMod 11S 05Q today just before finally transitioning to Lollipop. The full changelog can be seen below:


One Plus One



  • Fixed dab with Linux 3.10
  • Improved ADB Sideload
  • Improved wipe confirmation screen layout
  • Improved progress bar


  • Fixed wrong emergency call property
  • Improved audio policy flexibility
  • Increased void volume
  • Improved light controls
  • Updated WCNSS configuration
  • Upgraded ADCB Files
  • Powered HAL improvements
  • Upgraded SQLite to version 3.8.6
  • Reduced volume increment/decrement step per click
  • Added support for Query SIM SMS capacity
  • Upgraded TP firmware to 14001220
  • Fixed headset insert/remove crash
  • Fixed ability to hang up a call from a wired audio headset

Set Up:

  • SetupWizard: Allow turning on mobile data if off by default


  • Fixed force close when sharing multiple files over Bluetooth


  • Displays download size as a decimal prefix
  • Enabled scrolling on the system update screen
  • Added Download clicked notification
  • Shows download size on UI
  • Updated Icons
  • Added progress bar


  • Added letterbox view for to show actual capture in preview
  • Added toast information to aid in first time use of Continuous shot


  • Additional supported video types


  • Blacklist, strip extension from number
  • Fixed screen rotation behavior during call


  • Call events can be handled on alarm
  • Fixed city and time zone entries


ONe PLus sale


This is not the only news however, as the OnePlus One device is also getting easier to order. Starting tomorrow, OnePlus will start sales every Tuesday to anyone in the supported countries who didn’t manage to receive an update. The sale is scheduled to begin very Tuesday at 8 AM GMT and it will continue for 24 hours. The available devices will be the Plus 16GB white version sold for $299 and the Plus 64GB black version sold for $349.

The Indian One version will not be available in these weekly sales, but there will be a one-time open sale for it on February 10 at 10 AM IST.

For the remaining six days of the week, possible customers will still need a “beloved” invite.

Source: OnePlus

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