Om One – the innovating and levitating Bluetooth speakers hit the market


Om One are some new Bluetooth speakers that may change the way you look at high tech accessories. This innovative set of speakers will surely blow your mind because it sits in a league of its own. The Om One is a levitating Bluetooth speaker that does not use any wires and which can be transported without worries anywhere you want to go.

The effect of levitation is accomplished with the help of magnets as the electromagnet in the base reacts when it is positioned close to the Neo magnet at the bottom of the levitating orb. The resulting forces resist one another and the speaker thus floats over the base while twisting.

The speaker is said to use less power because it presents a larger area from where the blast noise can come. Comparing it to the Jawbone which consumes 10 watts, the One uses 3 watts to produce a similar sound quality. This decrease in wattage can improve battery life as well.

The Om speaker would be a great addition on your desk where it is complimented by a Type 1 microphone for video calling and the such. The speaker charges via USB and it has a retail price of $179. It will be available sometime during the fall.

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