Nexus 6 to receive WiFi calling feature from T Mobile in 2015

Nexus 6 will get T Mobile WiFi calling in early 2015, according to a recent report. Most T Mobile customers rely on their WiFi calling feature to use their mobile number without needing access to the mobile network.

An early 2015 OTA update for the T Mobile Nexus 6 version will bring enhancements to Android 5.0. It is unclear whether the Nexus 5 will get its update as well, but considering the announcement, only the new Google device will be getting its WiFi calling feature.


Nexus 6 has a nifty 6” QHD display made for streaming music, videos and more. Its quad-core Snapdragon 805 plus the 3 GB of RAM and the 3320 mAh battery will provide you with a strong and durable device. The Turbo Charging feature allows fast charging where 15 minutes of charging offer up to 6 hours of usage which, in all regards, is a pretty good deal!

T Mobile will start selling the Nexus 6 in November 12 at the price of $680 or $27 a month for two years.

Source: Tmobile Newsroom

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