Nexus 6 to have Ambient Display feature similar to Moto X Moto Display

Nexus 6 has been the star of the week and it seems that more and more customers are drawn to Google’s newest flagship. Considering it was made by Motorola, you can practically look at it and compare it to Moto X and you will find countless similarities between the two.

The new Nexus has a feature similar to Moto Display, only in this instance it is named Ambient Display. The option is found under the display settings and it is described as the position of waking screen when the device is picked up or if notifications arrive. When the option is enabled, the notifications will appear automatically on screen when new ones arrive or when the phone is picked up.

The Ambient Display idiom appears on Nexus 6’s official Google Playstore page but there is no description of what the feature does. It does say though that the phone will last for around 250 hours on standby with the feature turned on and up to 330 hours when turned off.

The feature first appeared on the Moto X and was transferred to other Motorola devices afterwards. This appears to be a feature that translates to all Motorola devices, be they proprietary or not. Those accustomed to this particular functionality will not want to give it up.

Source: AndroidPolice


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