Nexus 6 on sale in selected T Mobile stores starting November 12th

Nexus 6 is getting in T Mobile stores on November 12th, but don’t expect to get yours THAT soon as the situation will probably be just as terrible as it’s been on Google Play Store and Motorola’s own site so far. In the past two weeks, the four variations of the Google flagship were available on their sites for maybe one hour before being all out of stock. The situation is not going to be that much better with T Mobile getting in either, as only some retail stores will have physical Nexus 6 phones as others will only direct you to ship-to Direct Fulfillment services.

Also bear in mind that even if the device is supposed to be working on all US carriers, some IMEI numbers may be assigned for retail distribution and if you buy your Nexus 6 from a T Mobile store, you may find yourself in the position of not being able to use it on another carrier.

The best news around is that T Mobile will have demonstration units available, which means you will be able to tap and swipe at your leisure to see how the new Google flagship actually works before buying your own. In case you want to put your hands on one of these N6s or want to buy one, head out to T Mobile stores in large cities starting Wednesdays and beware of resellers.

Source: Androidpolice

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