Nexus 6 available for purchase in 12 more countries – see where and how much it costs here!

If you wanted a Nexus 6 but you couldn’t find it on Google Play in your region, you may be in luck now, not that you will receive it that soon after you order it since the device remains an elusive tech unicorn of sorts. Most of the US customers were not able to throw their money at Google’s accounts in order to receive their device because of the scarce number of available devices. New batches appear here and there, but they disappear immediately – a sign that the device may be this year’s success in Google’s back yard!

Starting today, if you’re from one of the following 12 countries, you will be able to order the Nexus 6 in hopes of receiving it by, let’s say, Christmas?

In Europe, you will be able to buy Nexus 6 32GB at 649 € and the 64GB version for 699€ from Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Germany. In Sweden you will find it at 6295 SEK and 6795 SEK respectively.

In the UK you can purchase the 32 GB device for £499 and the 64GB version for £549.

In Australia you can buy Nexus 6 32 GB at $869 with tax and the 64GB version is available at $929 with tax.

In Canada you can purchase Google’s flagship for $749 (32GB) or $799 (64GB).

In Japan you can find the Nexus 6 at ¥75,150 (32GB) and ¥85,540 (64GB).

If you’re from India, you can find the Nexus 6 available at Rs. 44,000 (32GV) and at Rs. 49,000 INR (64GB).

Conclusion: Nexus 6 is expensive-ish, big, and you still can’t really buy it, because Google! Hey, at least you can look at it in your mother tongue, right? Maybe you will even be lucky enough to get your phone sooner than the rest of us!

Source: AndroidPolice

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