Nexus 6 available for pre-order on AT&T starting November 12th


Nexus 6 is part of AT&T’s offer starting tomorrow. Most US citizens who didn’t have luck in getting their devices from Google Play or Motorola’s official site can take a chance on AT&T’s stock. The sad part is the US carrier will only start pre-ordering on November 12th and further (no news on physical store availability).

The full price Nexus 6 will be $682.99, a bit higher than the $649 you would give for the Google Play variant, but you can get it on a monthly plan as well. On a two-year agreement you will be paying $249.99.

You can also choose to get the device with an AT&T plan, such as AT&T Next, where you pay $0 down: on Next 24 you pay $22.77 per month, on Next 18 you pay $28.46 each month and with Next 12 you will pay $34.15 monthly.

Apart from Nexus 6, you can get a nice little deal of $50 off for Moto Silver II, Moto Hint and Moto 360 when you get the Google smartphone and a new line of service.

Source: AT&T

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