New Verizon-exclusive DROID Turbo flavored in blue, pink and orange metallic trim accents starting May 28th


Starting next week, May 28TH to be precise, you will be able to buy a blue, pink or orange metallic-trimmed DROID Turbo from Verizon. Isn’t that exciting? These are three new options for an already-existing 2014-2015 high-end Verizon exclusive.


Moto Droid turbo


The real difference is the metallic trim that will be available in orange, pink and blue, not a big change when compared to the black nuance of it all. These color accents are situated on the metallic parts of the smartphone, basically on the volume rocker and power button or camera lens plus the Droid Turbo logo on the back.

Droid Turbo sells for the same $100 with a two-year contract or $500 full price. The new color options are limited edition, so hurry up if you want one! We don’t know just HOW limited they are.

This update on the existing DROID device does not mean anything to current owners who have been waiting for that Lollipop flavor for more than seven months now.  The update announcement came around two months ago, but it appears that Verizon may have forgotten about it along with Motorola, who mentioned an updated to Android 5.1!

Source: Verizon via AndroidPolice

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