New Nexus devices leaked once again! LG and Huawei sign on the manufacturing aspect of things

New Nexus devices are close to being announced as leaks about them start to spread on the interwebs. If you liked your Nexus 5, but it already feels a little old, fret no more, as not one but two manufacturers are working on creating two new Google line devices. Huawei and LG are working on a Nexus 6-style phablet device and a smaller smartphone to attract the Nexus 5 crowd.





Similar leaks have spread on the Internet a few days ago but now @OnLeaks Twitter account seems to shed some more light on these handsets. Considering that they were pretty accurate on previous occasions, this should count as a very possible outcome for the new Android devices.


This is what we know about the new Nexus devices


After a one year break, LG is back to working with Google and a new smartphone may come out of this combination. The new device should have a 5.2 inch display with two front-facing speakers and a rear fingerprint sensor. The icing on the cake should be the USB Type-C connector. There should be a protruding camera on the back, plus a much longer device compared to the Nexus 5, in part due to the frontal speakers.


The second device is made by Huawei and it reportedly has a 5.7 inch 2560 x 1440 p display that design-wise is narrower than its Nexus 6 counterpart. It should have a metal body, making it resemble an iPhone 6 Plus. Inside there should be a Snapdragon 820 to make things interesting. This device should also have the rear fingerprint scanner, the front-facing speakers and the USB Type-C port.


Both nexus devices will launch with the most recent Android OS version, a clean one with no bloatware. There is still no news on the official announcement, a price and availability for the two devices, but it is coming soon, we hope.


Source: Techcrunch

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