New Android emojis to come on Nexus devices in the following days!

Android is getting some due new emojis next week, hooray! Now Apple users will not be the only ones able to rub their new colorful figurines in our faces! The bad part is that they are first going to Nexus devices. Hiroshi Lockheimer, the Android all-time boss, announced an update to the keyboard, a new font and new code to complement the emojis.




It is unclear at the moment if this will be a security patch, a fix or something more significant, like Android 6.1, especially since Hiroshi said that he will not spoil the surprise. We could be getting more out of this mysterious update for all that we know. The Tweet included some new emojis: the unicorn, a lion and a crab (they are part of the Unicode 8 release). Unicode 8 includes the infamous taco emoji that everyone has been hyping about for a while now.


That being said, the Chrome Hangouts app is seeing some changes itself, with new and updated emojis of its own. Are you ready for new emojis, Android users?


Source: Twitter via Droidlife

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