Need for Speed No Limits is finally available for the Android devices and you can get it on the Google Play Store now! Fans of the NFS series will be happy to know that they can now drift and run from the police on their mobile devices too. This is the first game from EA strictly destined to mobile devices and you can play it on a smartphone or a tablet.


Need for Speed No Limits


Why would I want Need for Speed No Limits?


This NFS title will bring you back to that time for forever racing and adrenaline pumping courses you experienced on your PC in the past. You will be able to use real-life cars that you may have been dreaming about owning forever and you can customize them from stores like the Black Market and the Mod Shop. You will be able to create the best looking fastest car that ever existed!


After you’re done with all that modding and customizing your vehicle, you can get back to the real racing. Since in real life you will barely be able to push the pedal to the metal on a regular basis, you can let our speed adrenaline junkie run free in this mobile game! You drive through streets, walls, you jump around debris and try to escape the police in traffic. You get more than 1000 challenging races and other tasks that can get you points.



Need for Speed No Limits is available in the Play Store for free, but you will get plenty of in-app purchases to go through. You can turn the automatic purchasing off just to make sure you don’t deplete your credit card though.


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