Naughty Kitties – new runner game with fighting cats hits the Google Play Store


Were you hungry for a few fun kitties and an Android app game with lots of in-app purchases? Then Naughty Kitties is just the fun you need. Even if the name may throw you off – yes, I’m talking about you, naughty minds out there reading this – this is a fun game where some scheming kitties try to take over the world in their ships!


Naughty kitties Mega kitties


The game is an endless runner with a tower defense mechanism where you will have to strategize a bit before winning the stage. The gameplay has you controlling a few kitties in a shuttle who are trying to destroy alien invaders that are trying to take over their Cat Planet. You can use a few cats at a time but they get tired because, you know, cats need their naps, and you will have to keep switching them while you battle the aliens. When your ship is destroyed (i.e. it has no more life) your game is over. You will have the ability to go as far in the game as you can by swapping the cats at the right time.


Naughty kitties gameplay Naughty kitty


As you progress, you will get access to more cats, better ships and powerful abilities. Naughty Kitties is free, but you will get lots of in-app purchases that top out at $19.99 just in case you were wondering. All in all, it’s a decent and annoying little adventure.

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