Motorola’s next Nexus leaked again – Shamu gets new Google kernel; could it be the next Nexus?

Shamu may be Motorola’s next Nexus phone as it transpires in a new leaked photo. The device is said to be a large handset with an impressive hardware construction similar to another new device from Motorola codenamed Quark. The device is said to release sometime in November.

No details are disclosed yet and all we can see is the blurred screen with some general settings. The device seems constant to other leaks and it presents the corner curves Moto X has and the distinct navigation buttons.

The device seems to run on Android L OS and even if the baseband remains unknown, we can see it is running on Google-made kernel built in Mountain View ([email protected]), which is two months newer than the previous leaked version of Shamu. The kernel is pretty important because we can see it is a direct update coming from Google, which means it is possibly a Google product.

Source: AndroidPolice

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