Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD bootloaders can be unlocked now!

A new root method allows Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD to be rooted thanks to Motopocalypse, an .apk file that had the power to unlock Motorola devices a little over a year ago. Even if the recent updates to RAZR M and RAZR HD give a locked bootloader and the possibilities to root your device are basically null, creative devs from XDA find new and new ways to solve this problem.

Not thanks to towelroot they can be unlocked for a short period of time, until the Motorola device gets new updates. Even if those who still have a warranty for their phone and don’t want to void it should not follow the following steps, here’s what you need to do to release your Motorola device from the clutches of its maker and US carriers.

You will find dozens of various successes on XDA Devs page for this line of phones, but what you basically have to do is install towelroot and Motopocalypse, run towelroot and then verify the root, run Motopocalypse and that’s it!

Roots and bootloader unlocks are not recommended because they void warranties and users cannot reverse their phones to lock mode after unlocking, but just in case you feel sorry you didn’t unlock your Motorola RAZR M or RAZR HD in the first place, you are welcome to try now. You can also thank geohut and djrbliss on XDA Devs for this nifty solution.

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