Moto X+1leaked in EVLeaks’s last release

Evleaks has officially retired, but not before posting one last image leak of the new Moto X+1. Mr. Blass is retiring from the position of uploading photo leaks for the newest and truest mobile devices which hit the market, but before that, he is showing us two Verizon variants for the Moto X+1 that will hit the market soon. One device is all back while the other has a white front and wooden back.

The images are similar to the previous shown photos representing X+1 and most details seem to catch up with each other. Moto has a minimalist skin with four dots which represent the speakers as well.

The device is said to reach the market on September 17 and it may be presented on September 4th, at Motorola’s press event.

Source: evleaks

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