You have a Moto 360 that takes care of your daily fitness needs? Why not choose Moto Body to go with it? The app made its way to the Google Store and it’s been around since November 2014, but only in smartwatch form. Now you can finally find it on your smartphone too and you can sync data to get more details related to your life, steps and those pesky extra calories.




This fitness app is not exclusive to Motorola devices and you can use it with some other Android devices, the major necessity being Android 4.3 or more as an OS version on the devices. The thing you will absolutely need is the Moto 360, because the Wear component will only install on a 360 smartwatch.


Moto Body uses your smartwatch data and displays everything in detailed graphs paired according to days, weeks, months or even years. The app tracks steps, activity and heart rates, and it will calculate calories burned and distance covered for example. You can compare stats to see trends across various periods of time and you also get the occasional tips and insights, as with all fitness apps.


Moto Body is free on the Google Play store and you can give it a second look below:

Price: Free

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