Mini Maps for Wear – the app that brings Google Maps to your wrist!

The List of Wear apps continues as a new alpha stage app for Google Maps has surfaced recently on the Google Playstore. The author of Matrix Watch Face for Android Wear recently brought up Mini Maps for Wear, a small app that is in alpha state at the moment but that promises to improve itself as time goes by. The app is free and any passionate dev can work on it because the creator says his program is free software that can be redistributed and modified by anyone who wants to do it.

The app itself takes data from Google Maps API and promises users that they can live pan the map as they please in a similar manner to Google Maps itself and it all happens on your wrist! The dev promises that new features will be included, such as voice search of places, locations and addresses. When the app is opened it will hover over the current location the user is at, based on the GPS signal from the mobile phone that Android Wear is paired to.

Mini Maps for Wear is found free on the Google Playstore and people who want to help in its construction can find the source code there as well. 

[pb-app-box pname=’net.dheera.wearmaps’ name=’Mini Maps for Wear [ALPHA]’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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