Minecraft Pocket Edition gets update with new and fun features!

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Minecraft Pocket Edition just received an update! This little PC hit quickly spread throughout the gaming world in recent years – be it console, PC or mobile gaming – and it has also become subject to many jokes from mainstream gamers all over the world. Pocket Edition became a little hit on its own, especially because of the continuous support it received from Mojang and later Microsoft.


Minecraft Pocket Edition



Minecraft Pocket Edition is getting an update to version 0.12.1 and you will find some interesting tweaks and changes floating around including, but not limited to: sprinting and sneaking, taming ocelots and powerful golems. Most of these things you already know if you also dabble in Minecraft PC versions.


You can now play with up to four friends and their controllers or Android devices, even Windows 10 devices! Yes, that’s right, you can now cross-play with friends from different devices!


Official Minecraft Pocket Edition changes:

[box type=”shadow”]What’s New:

  • The Nether and all its inhabitants. Fight Ghasts and make friends with Pigmen
  • Cross platform play for up to five players between Pocket Edition and Windows 10
  • Revamped touch controls, controller support, and a controller mapping screen
  • Enhanced Weather effects! Accumulating snow and more
  • Ocelots! Try taming one with a fish
  • Experience, Anvils, Brewing, and enchantments. Time to up your game, crafter
  • Golems. We recommend you approach with caution
  • Flower pots. We recommend you fill them with flowers
  • Sneaking and sprinting! Express yourself through movement!
  • Loads of bug fixes that are too boring to list here
  • Lots, lots more!



This update is available only in the Amazon Appstore at the moment, which means that other versions will have to wait for a little while longer. Let’s hope that the Play Store page will soon update its version because that is where most people get their games usually. Until then, keep playing in your cubic world and keep away from those creepers, man!


EDIT : Now available on Google Play versions too!

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