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Microsoft teases new phones – selfie phone and Tesla phone in the works

Microsoft is attempting to conquer the mobile market and the ever-increasing trend of the selfie by promoting two new concept phones which will run on Windows Phone 8.1. Sources inside Microsoft told The Verge that, during an internal meeting, two new devices have been presented to the board. One of them is codenamed “the selfie phone” or Superman, and it presents a 5MP front-facing camera and a 4.7”display.

The second phone is codenamed Tesla and it is destined for the affordable high-end niche market. It has a PureView camera and it could reflect the next Lumia 720 model.

Apart from these devices which, according to rumor, will be launched soon enough, other high-end devices are being built as we speak. The Windows Phone 8.1 update will be released to devs and device makers shortly and it will include important software and hardware improvements. Apart from Microsoft’s own devices, HTC reportedly works on a Window Mobile –powered HTC M8 which will launch in August in Verizon stores. 

Source: The Verge

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