Microsoft relaunches its cheap and functional Nokia 130 phones


Even if Microsoft has already given up on an Android-powered Windows-running smartphone, the cheap dream is not over as Nokia’s extremely basic phones are some of the few devices that will not get cut from its upcoming roster. Today the company launched its newest handset, a Nokia 130, device which will be sold for $25 or 19 Euros. This is a basic cellphone which includes a FM radio, MP3 and videos and a flashlight. The device is directed to emerging markets where the smartphone hasn’t managed to take over with a considerable price.

Microsoft’s Jo Harlow recently said that the company will be sticking to Nokia’s basic cellphones, which can be used as burner phones as well, simply because the company has no other projects to reach the lower end of the market. Windows phone sets seem to have taken over the market at its lower end and its high-end at the same time. Do you think it’s a good decision?

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