LastPass bought by LogMeIn! What does it mean to our passwords?

LastPass is being bought by LogMeIn! The remote desktop service company announced its plan of acquisition today because it assures their position in the access management market and in the multi-million dollar identity business.



LastPass app


What does Last Pass ‘ sell mean to users?


According to devs, all is good and users of each tier of this service can continue to receive updates and new features. The premium version will continue to be available along with the free version. The company also states that with LogMeIn, they will be able to accomplish more and deliver better service to their customers.


LogMeIn is set to pay $110 million in cash for all equity interests in LastPass, and they will add $15 million more for key employees and equity owners over a two-year period after the deal has been closed.


Is this good news or bad news for you, especially considering LogMeIn’s past? Let us know down in the comments!


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