Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE – a tool for devs to work their magic

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Intel’s new Dev Story/ HACK THE CODE is a new game that surprisingly has little to do with coding, except for devs. The game is constructed in such a manner that it will attract very few people except for .hack fans. Inside the little game you will find some interesting mini games though, games similar to WarioWare’s style of mini challenges that prove that their devs are the best in the world at what they do.

The game itself is open source and free to use, which means Intel is inviting developers to improve their work and build upon the game’s existing foundation. Intel really wants people to tinker and provide resources to help them improve their code and the best submissions will even be included in the second version of the Dev Story.

You can submit your creation at Intel Developer Zone and give the game a try as well by clicking the widget below.

[googleplay url=””]


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