Instagram update to v6.20.0 with three new filters and emoji hashtags

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Crucial news ahead, folks! Instagram gets an update to version v6.20.0 and the new things you get are hashtag emojis and three new filters. That means you have three new ways to twist the colors in your photos before uploading them. Considering the fact that we don’t get new filters very often, this little update means business to those addicted to Instagram.


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The new filters are on the subtle side and are named Juno, Reyes and Lark. Juno shifts cool colors to green while making the warm tones pop and the white colors glow for vibrant photos. Reyes makes your photos look vintage or dusty whereas Lark intensifies blues and greens and desaturates reds in order to bring life into landscapes.

The other “big” improvement is including emojis in hashtags. It appears these things are everywhere now, and they may just conquer all of the internet.

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