Ignore No More – the trending app that locks your phone if you don’t answer your mom

The trending app of the week is none other than Ignore No More, the software your mom can use to screw you and your smartphone world foreveeeer! Well, not forever, just until you finally stop ignoring her calls. The app is installed on two devices: on the parent’s phone and on his child’s device. If the child refuses to answer his parent’s call or messages, the parent can lock his child’s smartphone remotely and only a call from the parent can unlock it.

The app was invented by a woman specifically for her children and it caught word on Google Playstore, where it became an instant hit. The app can be bought for $1.99 “per phone” and one Google account is all you need to take over your entire family and their smartphones. Parent and child accounts can be activated with the first download. The creator says the app cannot be removed or uninstalled by the child.

The app appears to not work for everyone as most comments on Google Playstore are negative, so be warned. Be sure to find out if your device works with “ICE” before activating the app and then proceed at your own risk!

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