HTC teasing camera-style device on Youtube weeks ahead of its event in New York

HTC is teasing its newest addition to possibly popular devices with a teaser for its October 8th event held in New York. It seems that the teased product could be a GoPro style camera with some neat little details.

It seems that the camera or some of its accessories are water resistant and it appears that the lens is wide-angled. The product could have high-FPS functionality and Slow Motion features as well.

It is unclear so far if the HTC device is a camera in itself, the camera function of a smartphone or tablet or a hybrid altogether. The promotional teaser is uploaded on YouTube and you can watch it below. You will also find it on with an interesting logo of its own. The name REcamera could even be the name of the device or its codename, even if it didn’t draw that much attention so far.

HTC’s Selfie-themed event will take place on October 8th in New York. Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter

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