HTC One M7 OTA update – phone call improvements and bug fixes


HTC One M7 is getting a new OTA, but don’t get your hopes up just yet, it’s not the Lollipop update we’re all expecting. Some of last year’s HTC flagship models are getting an over the air update which is supposed to improve phone call experiences and solve some bugs in the meantime. Nothing important really, but worth having.


This update version is 6.09.401.11 and it has around 194 MB, which means it’s a pretty big update for minor improvements. But it still is no Lollipop fix. The OTA keeps the One M7 on version Android 4.3/ kitKat. The OTA seems to be destined to non-US models, so customers from the United States don’t have to spam the update button …yet.


Source: XDA

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