HTC M8_EYE coming next month – the same M8 with a better camera

HTC M8_EYE seems to be a regular M8 device with a 13MP camera that will be available sometime next month. It seems that the new device dropped the Ultrapixel cameras and is adopting a 13 MP Duo Camera instead.

The duo camera setup is supposed to use the familiar 4 MP image sensor used in the M7, and it seems to have larger pixels in detriment of a better resolution.

If the rumors are true, the device will also sport the Sense 6 UI and an Android 4.4.4 when it is released. There are few other details known so far and no other tweaks and tinkerings are known about the new EYE device.

It does seem that the device will only be available for the Chinese and Indian market.

Source: AndroidPolice


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