HP enters the Windows-Chromebook battle with two affordable devices powered by Microsoft

HP is entering the low-budget market with two interesting devices. The said items are a $99 Windows tablet and a $199 laptop that look pretty good and have a not too shabby hardware spec either!

HP’s Stream 7 tablet is accompanied by an 8” tablet sold for $149 coming in November. The tablets are powered by Intel chipsets and share a one-year sub to Office 365 Personal which offers 1 TB of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype calls given each month. The 8” version also offers 200 MB of free LTE data a month without contract for as long as you use the device.

HP moves in on the Chromebook department with its Windows 11.6” Stream laptop and a 13.3” version with possible touchscreens. The laptops have Intel Celeron processors with a fanless design, 32 GB of flash storage and a one-year subscription for Office 365 Personal. Stream 11 costs only $199, whereas the Stream 13 costs $229 and essentially they are both low-cost devices destined to basic needs. The laptops are available in magenta and blue and they will start shipping starting the holiday season.

Source: The Windows Blog

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