HERE Maps Android Beta APK found online – it works on most Android 4.0 devices


HERE Maps Android Beta APK from Nokia leaked online and it appears it works on other devices as well, not just on Samsungs. Months after Nokia said they will release a HERE mapping app destined for licensed Android partners, starting with Samsung, one apk leaked on MediaFire and was found by Android enthusiast site El Android Liber. It appears that HERE maps APK works not only with Samsung devices, but with non- Samsung devices running on Android 4.0 or higher.

HERE appears to run fine on most Android devices and can download cached maps of cities and regions users can utilize offline. In order to use the APK, customers will have to sign up for a Nokia HERE account or link to their Facebook accounts. Maps can be selected by country, which offer dense data according to the rate of population.

The app has support for search function and bookmarks, even if they are basic, and the performance seems slower than the usual Google Maps.

Initially, the HERE maps app will be allowed only on Samsung devices, and some Gear family devices will get support as well. The app will be available on Samsung’s App Store and when it is released on Google Play Store, it will only work on newer Samsung devices.

Source: MediaFire

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