Hangouts – new and improved from Google to you

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A new Google app is making its way on our devices today, and it is an improved version of Hangouts. It is supposed to keep your desktop much cleaner while it still lets you chat with whoever you want with no issue.

The truth is the Hangouts app looks much more similar to Facebook’s Messenger app where the round icons float over the screen when someone contacts you. The novelty is in the fact that Hangouts lets you drag and drop icons wherever you like. You can click on an icon to talk to someone and the chat window will appear.

This update will work on Chrome browsers and through the Windows extension as well. There is no update for the OS X yet and the Chrome extension is not listed yet.

Below you can see just how new and improved Hangouts actually is. It even includes voice calls so that you can work when talking to your friends too!

Source: Google


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